About Stagenhoe Chickens

Stagenhoe Farmers is a working farm business in rural north Hertfordshire. We are a family run farm, Tim and Jo farm in partnership with Tim’s parents Peter and Helen Roberts, and as a family we have been farming here since 1972. 

Our farm is predominantly arable, producing crops such as wheat, barley , oats , oil seed rape and beans.

We are a relatively small farm in todays world and must be one of the few farms of under 300 acres still actively farming in this part of the country.

To support our farming business we are home to horses at livery and in 2008 we introduced ‘Stagenhoe Chickens’ as a further form of diversification, in 2015 we began selling our quality English grown Christmas Trees

As a business we are passionate about the environment we feel lucky to live in. We fully embrace Agri Environmental schemes and in 2017 we have created areas of pollen and nectar mixes to encourage birds and insects, we have also grown areas of seed which are specifically for birds to feed on, in addition to this we will be feeding wild birds around the farm with grains in the winter months. Hedges are cut every other year and as late as possible so that berries are left for the wildlife.  We leave fifteen plots amongst our crops for Skylarks and other ground nesting birds to make a home, and we have barn owl nesting boxes too.

Our business is varied and keeps us very busy. We welcome visitors to Stagenhoe Chickens and Stagenhoe Christmas trees but politely request that you call to arrange an appointment.