Point Of Lay Chickens For Sale

Here are some of the varieties of chicken that we sell, of course availability does vary so please contact us if you would like to check which breeds we currently have available.

All of our chickens are bred to an incredibly high standard. They are all fully vaccinated and are specifically bred to be hardy and resilient birds.

Hybrid chickens are very good layers and yet adapt well to a back garden setting, soon becoming tame and easy to handle. Equally happy in a house and run setting or to enjoy roaming around a garden.

We are proud to support Keech Hospice - http://www.keech.org.uk

Welcome to Stagenhoe Chickens.
We are a working farm situated
in rural Hertfordshire
specialising in the sale of point
of lay chickens.

Farm life is busy and varied, so
whilst we welcome visitors to our
chickens and our farm we would
ask that you please call us before
making a journey so that we can
meet you at the gate.

Tim and Jo Roberts

Chestnut Ranger (Dark Brown Eggs)

Chalkhill Blue (Blue Eggs)

Whitwell White (Tinted White Eggs)

This prolific layer combines unbeatable production and economics with excellent ranging ability, making it suitable for any conventional or alternative system. This is the most effecient and lays 300 + eggs.

Honey White (Brown Eggs)

Bendish Blue (Beige Eggs)

Very attractive, large free range brown egg layer. A must for the retail egg producer whose flock is on show to the customer. Also superb as a domestic bird. 260 eggs at 72 weeks.

Whitwell Black (Brown Eggs)

Bred for over 40 years and capable of laying 300 high quality eggs by 80 weeks, this robust yet docile hen is highly productive in any management system. This breed lays happily for many years.

St Pauls Walden Sussex (Beige Eggs)

An excellent sex linked utility strain of the very popular and attractive Light Sussex breed. Very good domestic bird or an eye catching addition to the retailers flock. 240 eggs at 72 weeks.

Stagenhoe Speckled (Beige Eggs)

French Maran based hybrid finding an excellent balance of egg colour, shell quality and production. Well proven to be commercially viable where a premium can be obtained for their distinctive dark brown eggs. 260 eggs at 72 weeks.

Breachwood Black Tail (Brown Eggs)

A Rhode Island Red hybrid crossed with a Light Sussex. A prolific 300 + egg layer of mid brown eggs.

Hertfordshire Honey (Brown Eggs)

For brown egg producers where economics and production costs are paramount. Very robust and highly productive with excellent feed conversion characteristics. Suitable in any flock size or system. 300 + eggs at 72 weeks.

Splash (Light Brown Eggs)

Golden Speckled (Light Brown Eggs)

Partridge Leghorn (Cream Eggs)

Tri Coloured Leghorn (Cream Eggs)

Mimram Magpie (Light Brown Eggs)

A silver Sussex hybrid ranging from black through to heavy mottled. 250 mid brown eggs. A pretty addition to any flock.